Why not just purge the data?

ThinkGard’s Video Evidence Locker is designed to help support law enforcement and other first responders using the most innovative technology available.  Video Evidence Lockers for bodycam and dashcam storage protect responders from frivolous claims by keeping video footage for an extended period of time. Having access to video several years after an event is critical for prosecution and protection from false accusations. Are your officers protected?

ThinkGard has historically worked with municipalities, county seats and other public sector agencies delivering full blown backup and disaster recovery solutions. After getting to know our customers, over time, we realized that people just didn’t want to talk about the problem with keeping bodycam and dashcam footage. Many had to purge and delete evidence to save storage and money while remaining compliant.

Once we found out that these were issues that left police departments on their own to find a solution that would probably be either outrageously expensive or they had to commit to purchasing their storage with their cameras without shopping for the best price. We believe the Video Evidence Locker offers our customers more options with the best in data protection possible.

Stop deleting data that could protect your officers and first responders.